Isis mobile payment platform delayed

The introduction of Isis’s sweeping mobile payment platform continues to move at a crawl.

Isis is a joint venture between T-Mobile, AT&T, and Verizon, and has steadily been making its way to a nationwide launch.

The platform was officially lit up during the SXSW conference in Austin, Texas earlier this year. But it was mainly a demonstration just for that event.

It is currently looking for a more robust launch in Austin, as well as fellow test city Salt Lake City. It was supposed to be officially rolled out this summer, but the company now says that it is delaying until further notice. It won’t even have an update until October.

Essentially, the idea behind Isis is that when you’re at the store, you can tap your phone at the register to pay without taking out your AmEx.

Select Visa and MasterCard products have also already become Isis-enabled, and Discover announced that it is supporting Isis but hasn’t fully implemented the technology yet.

Because it is a consortium of three of the four major mobile carriers, handset support for Isis is not going to be a problem. The only other major carrier is currently the only one that supports Google Wallet, a platform that will likely fade away as Isis matures.

Of course, that is contingent on Isis actually materializing, and who knows when that will actually happen?