Android Jelly Bean hits Sprint Nexus devices

Google’s Android Jelly Bean is finally hitting Sprint’s Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 4G courtesy of a long-awaited OTA update.

However, Samsung Galaxy S3 owners may have to wait a bit longer for their Jelly Bean goodness, as CNET is reporting that Android 4.1 will be rolling out to the device at some point in October. 

“October is likely when to expect the update to arrive for GS3 handsets not locked to a carrier network, which likely means a longer wait for those who opted to purchase the device subsidized through a service contract,” explained Phandroid’s Kevin Krause. 

”The 4G version of the phone will launch in the UK with Jelly Bean out of the box. It’s unclear if an updated version of the phone is headed elsewhere.”

In the meantime, Verizon Galaxy S3 owners may want to consider checking out a leak of Samsung’s TouchWiz-enabled Jelly Bean build from the T-Mobile Galaxy S3 which has been ported over to Big Red’s by the talented folks at XDA. 

Yes, the ROM – dubbed “TouchMyBeans” – does have a couple of bugs, but as Phandroid confirms, there isn’t anything too severe, namely GPS directions seem to be malfunctioning, along with some wallpaper issues that can be easily remedied with a simple workaround. 

In other Android news, the CyanogenMod team has just announced a new CM edition known as the M-Series. Builds, categorized as a “bit more stable” will be rolling out at the beginning of every month. 

”As always, nightlies will continue to be available, but for the slightly less adventurous among you, this effort should provide a healthy middle ground between bleeding edge, and waiting on stable RCs for your device,” confirmed Eric Ravenscraft of AndroidPolice. “It will also help casual users keep a frame of reference for the progression of everyone’s favorite ROM.”

Interested? A complete link list of supported devices for the M-Series can be viewed here, with related discussions ongoing over at the CyanogenMod forums.