T-Mobile Galaxy Tab goes to Android 4.0

The T-Mobile version of Samsung’s flagship tablet finally has Ice Cream Sandwich.The updated version of Android, version 4.0.4, is available for owners of the device, but they need to actively download the firmware upgrade instead of waiting for it to happen over-the-air.

This, of course, is the first news about a Samsung firmware update since the company lost the massive patent battle case against Apple.

However, the ruling found that Samsung’s Galaxy Tab products were not infringing on Apple’s intellectual property and as a result, Samsung is no doubt going to build up that product as much as it can.

Ice Cream Sandwich is one of the biggest updates to Android yet, and includes such features as scanning your face to unlock the phone, a much more robust speech-to-text software program, and an entire platform of data sharing that focuses on Near Field Communication (NFC).

Several other manufacturers have pledged support for the new update, and a bunch of phones currently running an older version of Android.

Ice Cream Sandwich is now powering a decent amount of active Android devices, despite having a slow initial rollout in the early part of the year.

Of course, Jelly Bean is now starting to make its way to the market, reaching around 2% of all Android devices so far.