Windows 8 Xbox launch games revealed

For the first time, a new Microsoft operating system will launch with a slew of new video games.Windows 8 is already breaking all the molds, and that trend will continue as games become an important part of the new OS. When Windows 7, Vista, XP, etc, were released, you probably wouldn’t be able to find a single news article about new Windows games that would be launching with then new platform.

With Windows 8, though, Microsoft wants to really integrate the experience with its powerful Xbox 360 community and interface.

Windows 8 will be unlike any previous version of Microsoft’s operating system because it will have a dedicated focus on tablets that will be separate from the standard PC version.

As such, pricing is not going to be as standard as it usually is.

Microsoft has a lot of ambition with Windows 8, and with a complete interface overhaul and functionality up the wazoo, it does have a chance to make a splash.

The most distinct aspect of Windows 8 is a special version of the user interface which allows users to have complete customization on their home page, including widgets, RSS readers, weather information, date/time, etc.

In addition, since this is such a revolutionary new platform, Microsoft wants to scrap out all remnants of the “old-school” look and feel. Instead of a Start bar, hovering your mouse over that corner of the screen will allow you to swap between the Metro UI and the traditional desktop. For the mobile version of Windows 8, the new UI will be the default interface.

Here is the complete list of Xbox games confirmed for Windows 8:

* A World of Keflings

* Adera: Episode 1

* Adera: Episode 2

* Adera: Episode 3

* Angry Birds

* Angry Birds Space

* Big Buck Hunter Pro

* BlazBlue Calamity Trigger

* Collateral Damage

* Crash Course GO

* Cut the Rope

* Disney Fairies

* Dragon’s Lair

* Field & Stream Fishing

* Fruit Ninja

* Gravity Guy

* Gunstringer: Dead Man Running

* Hydro Thunder Hurricane

* IloMilo

* iStunt 2

* Jetpack Joyride

* Kinectimals Unleashed

* Microsoft Mahjong

* Microsoft Minesweeper

* Microsoft Solitaire Collection

* Monster Island

* PAC-MAN Championship Edition DX

* Pinball FX 2

* Reckless Racing Ultimate

* Rocket Riot 3D

* Shark Dash

* Shuffle Party

* Skulls of the Shogun

* Taptiles

* Team Crossword

* The Harvest HD

* Toy Soldiers Cold War

* Wordament

* Zombies!!!