ESPN upgrades iPad app

ESPN’s ScoreCenter iPad app has been downloaded nearly 29 million times, and now it’s time for an upgrade.The app lets users keep tabs on their favorite teams, giving them advanced details and statistics in real-time about every match.

It also acts as a second screen, providing much more extensive information and an alternative view of the action for viewers watching the live feed of the game on ESPN’s TV network.

The updated version of the app adds even more details, a more seamless way to find specific games and content, and greater functionality. It also boasts faster load times and enhanced network connectivity.

ESPN has proven to be a bastion for the latest advancements in technology. It not only talks the talk, it walks the walk.

When everyone was making the switch from old-school standard-def TV to HDTV, everyone looked at ESPN and sports content to demonstrate to consumers how vast of a difference the new technology provided.

When 3D TVs were first introduced in 2010, ESPN was the first to offer a multi-carrier 3D network, and became the only channel on most cable providers to offer 24/7 3D content.

When TVs began incorporating Internet connectivity directly into the sets themselves, ESPN was among the first to offer TV apps.

And of course, in the mobile space, it didn’t take very long for ESPN to enter that market as well.