Report: Expect iPad mini in October

It is not believed that Apple will reveal the iPad mini next month.

That is when the company is widely expected to hold a media event in which the iPhone 5 will be on public display for the first time.

Some thought this could also be the place where the new iPad would be unveiled, but that will not happen, according to a report from

The site reports that Apple will instead hold another big spectacle in October where the new tablet device will be able to take center stage.

It would by all accounts be an answer to the growing popularity of Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablet. Analysts are looking to the Amazon device as the potential iPad killer that we’ve all been waiting for since last year.

Amazon was able to turn the world on its head with the Kindle, and it seems as though it is already making good on its plans to do the same to tablets with the Kindle Fire.

According to the report, the miniature iPad will have a 7.85-inch display, making it slightly larger than a Kindle Fire but not incredibly so.

The resolution is apparently 1024 x 768 and it would be capable of playing all the same apps that anyone can access on the iPad or iPad 2.

Obviously, apps that utilize the new iPad’s Retina Display technology would not be compatible. And thus opens what could be the biggest problem with launching an iPad mini.

It’s interesting because Amazon is reportedly looking to launch a larger, more expensive version of its tablet, the Kindle Fire. So everyone wants to get a piece of all sides of the market.