LG Optimus G specs leak, UD TV hits 8 million pixels per frame

The basic specs for LG’s new flagship Optimus G smartphone appear to have leaked ahead IFA 2012.

According to the Korea-based AsiaDaily, the Optimus G handset will boast a powerful quad-core processor, 4G LTE and a massive 4.7-inch IPS True HD display.

Additional specs reportedly include 2GB of RAM as well as a 13MP camera in the rear. 

As expected the Optimus G will run Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich), with LG’s Optimus UI 3.0 plastered on top of it. Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) will likely roll out to the phone shortly after its initial release. 

In other LG related IFA news, the company recently unveiled what it describes as the world’s biggest ultra-definition (UD) TV – with an 84in (213cm) screen that supports 4K resolution and up to 8 million pixels per frame. 

Unfortunately, the new TV is unlikely to turn up in a living room near you anytime soon, as it is priced at a rather extravagant $22,000. 

“[Yes], the 4K display market is still in its infancy, but it was important for LG to claim a stake in this space,” LG exec Havis Kwon told the BBC.

IHS Screen Digest analyst Daniel Simmons expressed similar sentiments. 

“4K is a technology that is an evolutionary step that – maybe a long way down the line – will be the successor to today’s HD televisions. It’s a step up in image quality, offering the opportunity to have cinema-quality resolution in the home and is a noticeable improvement,” he said.

“4K allows people to have even bigger screens in their homes and it may be the screen size, rather than the resolution itself, that makes it attractive.”