Diamond’s AMP1000 is a customizable Android-powered box

Android enthusiasts looking for a low-cost, set-top box capable of streaming full HD video are likely eyeing several popular devices currently on the market.

I’m sure more than a few have snapped up the Raspberry Pi and used it to build a sweet Android-based HTPC for the living room. Of course, the Pi and other similar devices like MK802 on a stick may not appeal to everyone, specifically those looking for more of a finished or versatile product in an actual enclosure.

Enter the Android-powered AMP1000, which Diamond Multimedia CEO Bruce Zaman describes as a fully customizable Android box.

As expected, you can use the device to load apps, play games, listen to music, view photos, read digital books and stream TV shows or movies at 1080p.

The AMP1000  supports Internet browsing with Fash – boasting  integrated Wi-Fi connectivity and easy (HDMI) compatibility with both monitors and TVs.

The device – which run Android 2.3 (upgradeable)- ships with a three-in-one remote control that acts as a keyboard, mouse, or motion controller.

The set-top box is available now for $129 with a mail-in rebate bringing the cost down to $109. Optional Bluetooth connectivity can be added for an additional $10.