This old Android smartphone is now a server

Who doesn’t have an old Android smartphone or two sitting around on their desk in the shadows just gathering dust?

I myself own an original Nexus One that will probably be retired one of these days, or so I keep telling myself.

But rather than unceremoniously shutting off my faithful handset forever, I plan on allowing the Nexus One to live out its golden years as a mobile server.

Yes, you read that right – a mobile server. 

XDA Forum member “Themuzz” has coded a sweet app dubbed “Servers Ultimate” that allows Android handset owners to run a number of supported server types, including DLNA, DNS, DDNS, Email (POP3 and SMTP), FTP(S), Proxy (tunneling), SMS Gateway, Time (NTP or TP), HTTP(S) and/or (secure) WebDAV.

As the folks over at XDA Dev point out, Servers Ultimate can be used to stream media to your devices via DLNA, create an email server, setup a proxy server, share files with an FTP server, or even configure your own web server. 

You can also run multiple instances of the same server simultaneously – while DDNS ensures the servers always remains online and accessible.


Visit the Servers Ultimate thread and give the app a try. You don’t really have much to lose, well, except for maybe a dusty paperweight.