Windows Phone apps go live again

Microsoft has turned the proverbial faucet back on for its mobile app storefront.

The Windows Phone Marketplace was closed off to new apps for a brief time due to security issues.

“Some customers who try to download a new app may see an error message. If they’re attempting to update an existing app, they might repeatedly be prompted to retry the update. We don’t recommend that people uninstall these apps because they might not be able to download and use them again until we deploy our fix,” Windows Marketplace senior director Todd Brix said in a statement earlier this week.

At the time he said there was no time frame for when the platform would be restored. For now, though, it seems that resolution has been put in place.

Nevertheless, this was a huge setback for Microsoft, which has already been battling complaints about its poor selection of mobile apps and questions about whether or not it could truly compete with the likes of Google Play and Apple’s App Store.

Though not confirmed by Microsoft, it’s assumed these errors are caused by the newly rolled out Windows Phone Dev Center, an enhanced portal for developers to take advantage of all the new tools and features that Windows Phone 7.5 offers.