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Iconia Tab may be getting Jelly Bean

Acer’s Iconia Tab may be one of the first tablets to get a Jelly Bean upgrade.

The newest version of Android, officially known as version 4.1, has apparently already made its way to the Acer device, though not on a widespread scale.

Online retailer Ebuyer has grabbed pictures of the 7-inch tablet sporting the latest version of Google’s mobile OS.

Of course, the authenticity of the pictures is not confirmed but it certainly wouldn’t be a surprise, since the Iconia Tab definitely has the technical capabilities to run the new software.

The most functional aspect of the update is that it looks different depending on the kind of device, so 7-inch tablets have a different presentation of Jelly Bean than 10-inch tablets or smartphones.

Among the updates are increased enhancements to the speed and performance of Android, new and sleeker widgets for the home screen, expandable notifications, and a more user-friendly app for viewing and deleting photos.

It also offers a new touchscreen keyboard for even more seamless text input, as well as new features for the ever-growing list of near field communication (NFC) devices, allowing users to tap phones together to enable things like photo sharing.