Android Jelly Bean comes to G1, sort of

It’s been four years since the very first Android phone was released, and it looks like it can still play with the new kids on the block.

The ever ingenious people over at the XDA-Developers forums have managed to get the latest version of Android, version 4.1 also known as Jelly Bean, onto the HTC G1 phone.

The G1 was the very first Android phone ever released, launching back in 2008 on T-Mobile.

The Jelly Bean upgrade could be considered a minor update for the Android platform, which is why it only brings the version number up to 4.1 instead of 5.0.

The most functional aspect of the update is that it looks different depending on the kind of device, so 7-inch tablets have a different presentation of Jelly Bean than 10-inch tablets or smartphones.

Among the updates are increased enhancements to the speed and performance of Android, new and sleeker widgets for the home screen, expandable notifications, and a more user-friendly app for viewing and deleting photos.

It also offers a new touchscreen keyboard for even more seamless text input, as well as new features for the ever-growing list of near field communication (NFC) devices, allowing users to tap phones together to enable things like photo sharing.

The G1 update is not official. Don’t expect to see T-Mobile rolling it out.