Consumers salivating for iPhone 5 over iPad mini

Of the new highly-rumored future Apple products, it’s the new iPhone that most are looking forward to.

At least, that is the consensus among coupon-savvy customers. The website surveyed 1,900 people and found that 78% would prefer to have an iPhone 5 over an iPad mini.

Of course, this is a representation of the tablet market vs the smartphone market as a whole. Phones are necessities while tablets are luxury items.

Among the details about the new iPhone that have leaked through the rumor mill is it will have technology that would allow the company to integrate both the touch sensor and the actual LCD panel in one component.

As the iPhone construction stands now, these two parts of the phone are separate pieces, meaning the touch sensor is an individual component that sits on top of the display itself.

If it could combine those into one piece of technology, it would be able to shave off a significant chunk of the device’s size. It is also believed that the new iPhone will have the largest display of any iPhone.

The iPad mini, meanwhile, would be an answer to the growing popularity of Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablet. Analysts are looking to the Amazon device as the potential iPad killer that we’ve all been waiting for since last year.

Amazon was able to turn the world on its head with the Kindle, and it seems as though it is already making good on its plans to do the same to tablets with the Kindle Fire.

It’s interesting because Amazon is reportedly looking to launch a larger, more expensive version of its tablet, the Kindle Fire. So everyone wants to get a piece of all sides of the market.