Romney VP announcement to come through app

If you want to be among the first to know who will be joining Mitt Romney on his quest for the White House, the candidate’s campaign wants to be sure you know about the “Mitt’s VP” app available on the iPhone and Android.

As per the usual course of presidential campaigns, Romney’s choice of running mate should be announced in the days before the Republican National Convention, which happens later this month.

However, it’s believed that the choice has already been made. The Romney campaign has been running a contest to let lucky supporters get an early scoop on the VP choice, but anyone who knows has no doubt been sworn to incredibly airtight nondisclosure agreements.

The Mitt’s VP app launched on July 31, and ever since the campaign has been touting it through emails and other promotional messaging to Republican supporters.

Here are the details from the official iTunes app page:

“It’s a question everyone’s asking: who will be Mitt Romney’s VP? There’s no telling when that answer might come. But when it does, be the first to find out and access exclusive content with the Mitt’s VP app.”

“Just download the app and when Mitt decides on his running mate, you’ll get an exclusive notification from the campaign letting you in on the exciting news before the press and just about everyone else (except maybe [Mitt’s wife] Ann).”