AT&T to launch shared data plans

AT&T will take a page out of Verizon’s playbook later this month.

The carrier will allow customers to sign up for mobile data plans that make it easier to have multiple devices all connected to the same account.

The way mobile plans are currently set up is a system that was built decades ago, back when it was widely assumed that each person would only have one mobile device.

So, getting a second device with service on it meant you were adding a second person to your account, and you each needed your own separate plan.

That has obviously changed today, as one person could have multiple devices but only really need one plan.

This is especially true for AT&T, which has secured mobile data exclusivity for a wide number of devices including Sony’s Playstation Vita.

This is similar to Verizon’s “Share Everything” plans which were rolled out earlier this year. The idea is that you buy one pool of data, and then all of your devices chip away at that pool.

If you have a whole bunch of gadgets, it could save you money, but if you have one or two, depending on how AT&T rolls this out, it could end up costing more money.

This kind of plan is likely to become the new norm, especially as customers with unlimited data plans continue to fall through the cracks.