Android mini PC gets Uberoid ROM, Bluetooth peripheral support

I’m really quite a fan of all the cheap and uber-mini Android PCs flooding the market. While the little PCs may not be high-quality gaming systems, they do make for perfectly reasonable media streaming platforms.

One such Android PC is the MK802 which runs Ice Cream Sandwich and can be turned into a laptop by connecting it with the Motorola Lapdock.

This little computer is slightly larger than your typical flash drive, yet it manages to boast an Allwinner A10 processor, a USB port (for a wired keyboard or mouse), mini HDMI port (for TV or monitor hookup) and integrated Wi-Fi.

Unfortunately, the little device lacks a Bluetooth chip for wireless keyboards, mice, and game controllers. Nevertheless, you can pair a Bluetooth dongle with the PC if you replace the stock (default) Android OS with CyanogenMod 9.

If  Bluetooth connectivity isn’t all that important, you may want to check out a custom version of Uberoid for the MK802. Essentially, the OS removes all extraneous features and apps, while adding apps like an updated Google Play store and support for DroidMote. The MK802 is available now at a $60-$80 price point.