Report: Next-gen iOS devices launch on September 12

A new report claims that an upcoming (and as yet) unannounced Apple event will be held on September 12 during which three new iOS devices are slated to be unveiled, including the next-gen iPhone, iPad Mini and iPod Nano.

The website, known as iMore, cites unnamed sources that it notes, “have proven accurate in the past” when claiming inside knowledge of the September Apple event.

The sixth-generation iPhone is expected to go on sale September 19, although it remains unclear when the iPad Mini and the latest iteration of iPad Nano will hit the market.

Previously, iMore reported that the iPad Mini would debut at some point in October at an approximate $200 price point. Both rumored iPad Mini launch dates actually make sense, as Cupertino may be planning to rain on Microsoft’s Surface parade – which kicks off alongside Windows 8 on October 26. 

However, I have a difficult time believing Apple will launch the iPad mini at a price point under $200. I suspect if there’s any truth to rumors of an iPad Mini at all, the device is likely to be more expensive than your typical low-end Android tablets. It’s probably also worth noting that analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has also pegged early September as the launch date for the next-generation iPhone.

Current reports indicate the iPad Mini will measure 7-inches, while the next iPod Nano may look like a uber-mini iPhone with a home button.