German court sides with Samsung in Galaxy Tab rift

Apple is finally getting a taste of humble pie in its quest to ban the Samsung Galaxy Tab.

The most recent development comes from the company’s lawsuit in Germany where it is trying to block sales of the Galaxy Tab 10.1N.

An earlier court decision determined that Samsung was not violating Apple’s patents, and that the Tab could continue to be sold in German stores.

Of course, Apple appealed that decision but the Munich Higher Regional Court has now rejected that appeal.

There has been a whirlwind of controversy surrounding the ongoing legal firestorm between Samsung and Apple, and every step in the process only seems to heighten the tensions between both companies.

Apple has active lawsuits in several countries trying to ban the sale of Samsung’s tablets and smartphones. Ironically, it was in Germany where the very first Galaxy Tab ban went into effect.

However, it now appears to be the country where Samsung is undeniably on its side. This comes after Samsung updated its original model to remove the technologies that were covered by Apple’s patents.

Other places where a ban went into effect include Australia, and in the US last month, District Judge Lucy Koh issued an order than blocked sales of the device across the 50 states.

In a statement quoted by Bloomber, Samsung wrote that Apple was “trying to limit consumer choice and discourage innovation through their excessive and flawed legal arguments.”