Windows Phone 8 reportedly being unveiled Sep 5

The next generation of Windows Phone looks to be almost ready for prime time.

Windows Phone 8 will be unveiled on September 5, according to Chinese website WPDang, which reports that Nokia will be the one to usher in the new operating system.

The site claims that the Finnish smartphone maker will introduce a couple phones on that date powered by the latest and greatest mobile Windows software.

This of course comes right as Microsoft is getting ready to launch Windows 8, which it hopes will be more than just a regular operating system and will instead be a platform that connects all your favorite devices and services.

Nokia was eager to boast about sales of its first Windows Phone device, the Lumia 710, which marked the company’s return to the US market.

Nokia quickly vaulted to the status of being the top Windows Phone manufacturer, although that’s kind of like being the best player in Little League – you’ll still have a tough time competing in the MLB.

In other words, Android and iOS are still dominating the market, and Nokia has a long way to go if it wants to legitimately compete in that field.

In the beginning, Nokia has made quite an impression, and there was the possibility that it could almost single-handedly help bring Windows Phone within striking distance of the two larger smartphone OS players. But over the last several months, it has failed to capture the same momentum that it did out of the gate.

We’ll see if it can strike that fire again with Windows Phone 8.