Report: Apple revamping iPod Touch

Apple is reportedly revamping its stalwart iPod Touch. 

The latest iteration of Cupertino’s popular media player will apparently include components from both the next-gen iPhone and existing iDevices like the iPhone 4S.

According to AppleInsider (citing the Japanese-based MacOtakara), the new iPod Touch will also feature a larger display housed in a refreshed aluminum case.

Although future iPod Touch specs are sparse and have yet to be confirmed by Cupertino, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo claims the fifth-gen iPod Touch will boast a large 4-inch screen and use the same in-cell touchscreen LCD technology as Apple’s upcoming iPhone 5.

Raw horsepower and speed are also set to increase for the next-gen iPod Touch, as it is likely to be fitted with Apple’s indeginously designed A5 processor – the same silicon powering the current iPhone 4S. 

As Macgasm’s Grant Brünner notes, now that the $199 price point is being invaded by 7″ tablets, the iPod Touch will either have to get a lot better or a lot cheaper to remain relevant. 

“While everyone else may be following the iPad Mini and iPhone rumors, I think it may be time for us to start focusing on what will happen to the iPod Touch,” Brünner opined.

“These next few months are going to be very interesting for the iOS device line-up. Everything might just be turned on its ear, but let’s not give these faceless and nameless rumors much credit. [Remember], until it’s announced by Apple, anything could happen.”