Angry Birds heads to Samsung TVs

Everyone’s favorite avian-flinging game is heading to yet another platform.

Yes, believe it or not there is still a device capable of playing games that doesn’t currently offer a version of Angry Birds.

So Samsung and Rovio are going after a couple different segments of the population – those who own an Internet-connected Samsung TV and have somehow managed to never play Angry Birds, and those who own an Internet-connected Samsung TV and cannot get enough Angry Birds.

Given that the former consists of people who have never downloaded Angry Birds on their phone or tablet, and never downloaded it onto a game console, it’s the latter category that is probably the bigger chunk here.

Samsung announced today that it will bring the popular mobile-game-turned-worldwide-phenomenon to its smart TV platform, confirming earlier rumblings about such news.

The game will launch on Samsung LED sets with models numbers of 7500 or higher, in addition to plasma sets with model number 8000 or higher. The download will be free, likely with ads to provide a monetary stream to Rovio and Samsung.

Rovio has understandably been completely focused on Angry Birds for the last three years, which has made its way to traditional game consoles as a downloadable title, been introduced to stores with a whole line of retail merchandise, got a tie-in with the theatrical animated film Rio, and is accessible via download codes in the Blu-ray version of the 20th Century Fox flick.

It was only a matter of time before it started getting embedded into TVs.