Yum! Apple App Store gets Food & Drink section

Whether you’re looking for a cocktail recipe or the nearest fast food spot, there is most certainly an app for that.

The problem is that until now, finding those apps hasn’t been as easy as, say, finding a personal finance app, or the latest mobile game.

That changes today, as Apple has rolled out a new section in its App Store specifically focused on “Food & Drink” content.

This encompasses everything from apps containing recipes and bartending tips to official apps from restaurants and chains like Starbucks.

Previously, these apps had been scattered in other sections of the App Store like Lifestyle or Travel, making it difficult for users to browse for this content.

The new Food & Drink section features 6,800 apps for iPhones – 4,000 free and 1,200 premium – and 2,200 in the iPad section. 1,000 of the iPad apps are free and the other 1,200 are the ones you have to pay for.

Of course, as more and more titles get added to the App Store, the biggest problem is making sure they are organized in a way that helps users find what they’re looking for.

This section is one that is long overdue, and one that developers of such apps no doubt truly appreciate.