After Angry Birds, Rovio launches Amazing Alex

Its first new game franchise since 2009, Rovio has launched another casual sleeper hit called Amazing Alex.

It’s a puzzle game in which players arrange objects on a screen into the correct order. Doing so quickly and consecutively will rack up more and more points, leading to what Rovio hopes will be an addicting style of gameplay.

It actually started its life outside of the walls of Rovio headquarters. It was created by an independent developer who launched the title – under a different name – in 2011.

Rovio acquired the rights and decided to tweak it a bit, because it saw the potential for it to become the next big thing. And when it comes to next big things, Rovio knows a thing or two.

Then again, for Rovio, it struck gold once. Angry Birds has become bigger than anyone in the mobile gaming landscape could have ever imagined possible just a few years ago.

The company has understandably been completely focused on that franchise for the last three years.

Angry Birds has made its way to traditional game consoles as a downloadable title, been introduced to stores with a whole line of retail merchandise, got a tie-in with the theatrical animated film Rio, and is accessible via download codes in the Blu-ray version of the 20th Century Fox flick.

Bbut even something as powerful as Angry Birds can only last so long. So will Amazing Alex be the next big thing? Head to the App Store or Google Play Store to find out.