The iPad 3 is China-bound next Friday

The latest version of Apple’s iPad is due to launch in China on July 20.

The iPad 3, which is officially known as just “the iPad,” as Apple thinks it is important enough to just replace the namesake of its flagship tablet device, will officially go up for sale in the region on July 19.

Customers who pay for the device on that day will be able to pick up their iPad in stores the following day.

All versions of the iPad – all seven of them – will be available for the same price as they are in the US:

16 GB WiFi: $499

32 GB WiFi: $599

64 GB WiFi: $699

16 GB WiFi + Cellular: $629

32 GB WiFi + Cellular: $729

64 GB WiFi + Cellular: $829

While Apple’s expansion into China is now fully underway and has been for years, the iPad is a different story.

Chinese company Proview owned the rights to the name “iPad” and had sought legal action against Apple for its use of the name.

The company recently reached a $60 million settlement to acquire all rights to the iPad name.

It comes shortly after this settlement that the iPad 3 availability was announced. There had been a noteworthy lack of iPad availability in China previously.

The biggest part of the puzzle was securing approval from the Chinese government for the ability to embed 3G mobile data service into the device. Apple received that approval in May.