Blackberry App World hits 3 billion downloads

Here’s a stroke of good Blackberry news for a change.

The struggling Research in Motion platform has managed to eclipse a huge milestone in its presence within the app world.

In a Blackberry blog post, the company wrote, “On average, 2.5 million apps are being downloaded from Blackberry App World each day. What’s even more important and impressive is that the number of daily downloads continues to increase.”

There have been many stories about the Blackberry App World’s lack of apps, at least compared to the iPhone and Android. It seems crazy to think that 90,000 apps is a small number, but both the rival operating systems have more than 600,000.

RIM has always spun that by saying that it focuses more on quality rather than quantity, and also it does get to carry the title of being the most profitable platform.

The Blackberry OS is touted as having the highest average revenue per app among all smartphone app platforms.

In addition, even though the Blackberry market share is dwindling, the app numbers are more positive.

“It took 786 days to reach the one billion mark, 210 days to reach two billion, and only 176 days to reach the three billion number,” RIM said.