Sony’s newest Google TV device to have Onlive

Sony’s electronics division seems to be willing to cozy up with a rival to its gaming division.

One of the biggest new content partnerships to be announced for Google TV this year is the deal that Google has secured with cloud gaming service OnLive.

At the time, it was announced that LG’s upcoming Google TV sets would incorporate the OnLive app to allow users to have instant and seamless access to triple-A video games directly on their TV. Vizio also decided to come on board, but so far there’s been no news from Sony.

Sony was of course the first company to bring Google TV to a TV set, and in fact today it still remains the only company that has launched such a device.

However, the Google TV-powered Sony TVs were huge commercial flops, leaving Sony with no choice but to be more tepid about the platform moving forward. Nevertheless, it looks like it’s ready to come back swinging with a new Blu-ray player.

As discovered by VentureBeat, the new Internet-connected, Google TV-powered Blu-ray player’s technical specs include a reference to compatibility for the universal OnLive controller.

For Sony, it’s an interesting subject because it want you to use you Sony TV to play PlayStation games, not OnLive games. But if it wants to remain competitive in the Google TV space, it needs to offer everything that’s available.

Another story making news is that Sony has just acquired Onlive’s biggest direct competitor – Gaikai, a cloud gaming company, will bring a whole new slate of technologies to the Playstation family.