Gamestop already offering Nexus 7 pre-orders

Gamestop will add Google’s newly announced tablet to its nascent roster of Android devices.

The video game retailer stepped into the world of tablets last year as a part of its increasingly growing effort to stay relevant in a world where the gaming market is becoming less and less friendly to brick-and-mortar stores.

It offers a handful of Android tablets for sale, and has differentiated itself in the market by giving them to consumers with video game apps already pre-loaded on the device.

For the Nexus 7, it’s Gamestop’s first real chance to try to become one of the most prominent retailers in the Android tablet market.

One of Gamestop’s biggest advantages that it will always have over digital distribution is that consumers can trade in their games and hardware for instant credit toward another purchase.

To promote that, Gamestop is offering 30% extra trade-in credit for any products consumers sell for use toward a Nexus 7 pre-order.

“We’ve seen great consumer enthusiasm for our recommerce initiatives, particularly our iDevice trade program that launched last fall. With the increasing popularity of Android tablets and the emerging multiscreen gaming trend, this is the ideal time to expand the program to meet the needs of our hybrid customers,” said Gamestop president Tony Bartel in a statement.