Xperia S Ice Cream Sandwich update has problems

Although Sony doled out the new Android software to its Xperia S phone as scheduled, it now says there are some complications.

“Unfortunately it seems that some users have problems to update their phones to ICS even if their SI number is in the list. We have located some issues and we’re working on fixing them as soon as possible. So if your SI number is listed for the ICS update but you still get the message saying that your phone is up-to-date stay calm we’re working on it. We will come back with more info soon,” Sony Mobile confirmed.

In light of the incredible difficulties and phone-crashing nightmares that Ice Cream Sandwich faced when it first started rolling out late last year, this isn’t much of a catastrophe.

But it is a reminder that mobile firmware has so many channels that it needs to pass, ensuring that it is set up correctly not only on Sony’s end, but also to its appropriate carrier channels as well as Google’s servers.

Of course, even though rollouts of Ice Cream Sandwich have just begun for many Android users, the only thing people are talking about now is Jelly Bean.

The next iteration of Google’s software, also known as Android 4.1, was unveiled at this week’s Google I/O conference. Jelly Bean is already in the works even though the vast majority of Android devices aren’t even running version 4.0 yet.

Google had wanted Ice Cream Sandwich to act as a big reboot button for Android, wherein hardware guidelines would be much stricter so the issues of fragmentation would be resolved.

But even among Ice Cream Sandwich users, fragmentation has already begun, as some users are running version 4.0 and some are running 4.0.4, even though both are considered to be Ice Cream Sandwich.