Portable iPhone lighting studio The Kick is a hit

There’s a new product in the works that aims to turn your iPhone into an even more professional camera device.

There is no shortage of apps that aim to turn the iPhone into a one-stop shop for all your digital photography needs.

Of course, every new iPhone has a more powerful camera but that’s only part of the story. Thanks to the bevy of available apps, you can add filters, manipulate pictures, and edit your photos so you never even need to upload them to a computer.

But a new project called The Kick thinks there still needs to be one more critical component for photography enthusiasts to take their iPhone to the next level.

Now up on Kickstarter, The Kick is a miniature lighting studio that offers bright lights whenever they need it. It also has various effects like strobes and rainbow effects. The iPhone acts as a remote control for The Kick.

Users who are interested in the concept can get a Kick Plus unit for a $99 investment on Kickstarter.

There is also a Kick Basic unit for $89, but this version does not include WiFi features. Once the company is in full swing, it plans to offer Kick Basic for $100 and Kick Plus for $150. With 31 days left on Kickstarter, The Kick has already reached more than half of its $115,000 goal.

Of course, every time there is a success story on Kickstarter, Kickstarter is as much a part of the story as anything else. It has been such a great launching pad for so many fascinating new products. The Kick is just the latest example.