Dropbox updates iPhone app

Leading online cloud service Dropbox has just updated its app for the iPhone and iPad.

Ushering the app into version 1.5, Dropbox is adding the ability to automatically upload photos and videos to the service.

That means that if you enable the feature, every picture you take and every video you shoot from your iOS device will automatically be stored to your virtual file drive within Dropbox.

This feature was previously rolled out to the Android version of the Dropbox app, meaning the iPhone and iPad are playing catch-up, a complete 180 from the way most apps in this market operate.

In 2012, the cloud space is much more competitive, but on the flip side it’s much more exciting.

A lot of people are finally starting to understand the power of the cloud, but as it makes its way into the mainstream market, will consumers stick with the names they know (Google Drive, Amazon Cloud Drive) or will companies like Dropbox be able to get their message across to those users?

Dropbox has shown that it will do whatever it takes to remain relevant. It has offered a lot of industry-changing features for the cloud, ranging fom social network integration to seamless file access.

For a cloud platform to truly succeed, it needs to function not as a third-party storage solution but as something that seamlessly integrates into the everyday user experience. Saving something to the cloud needs to be as easy as saving something to your hard drive in order for the service to really take off.