Verizon responds to ‘Share Everything’ criticism

Verizon believes its new data plans make sense – for certain users.

The company unveiled a new set of plans earlier this week under an initiative called “Share Everything.”

While the carrier has come under fire because the new plans are more expensive than existing Verizon family plans, but marketing head Steve Mesnick was quote by Computerworld defending the new plans.

“We’re allowing the existing customer base to have a choice … we’re not forcing anyone to more to new plans… I take exception to [comments] of people leaving Verizon,” Mesnick said.

The new Verizon plans basically take the concept of a family plan and allow just one person to take advantage of the savings that that entails.

So in other words, if you want to have two smartphones and a tablet on the same Verizon account, the carrier aims to make that a bit easier for you to do.

The way it will work is that you choose how much data you plan on consuming per month across all your Verizon devices. Rates are as follows: $50 for 1 GB, $60 for 2 GB, $70 for 4 GB, $80 for 6 GB, $90 for 8 GB, and $100 for 10 GB.

On top of that, you will also need to pay a line item fee for every device on your account. This fee is as low as $10 for a tablet, and as high as $40 for something like the iPhone.

How does this compare to existing family plans? It’s a bit more expensive, but not much. However, the overage rate is more tolerable.

So if you happen to use more than 10 GB per month, Verizon will charge you $10 for every additional 2 GB. Current customers are charged an overage fee of $10 for every 1 GB they go over their alloted data limit.