64 GB iPhone 4 spotted overseas

A blog in Hong Kong has somehow managed to spot an iPhone 4 prototype that looks to be the same as any other iPhone 4 except for one thing – it has twice as much storage available as the current highest-capacity model.

Right now, Apple sells the iPhone 4 with two different hard drives – 16 GB and 32 GB. A website called MIC Gadget, based in Hong Kong, though, has found what it claims to be a 64 GB version of the device.

The site claims the device was spotted from a facility owned by Foxconn, the jumbo-sized manufacturing company that is well known for assembling some of the hottest things in tech, including the iPhone.

The prototype device has the lettering ‘XX GB’ etched in the back, but going into the phone’s settings reveal that it in fact has 64 GB of storage.

It’s crazy to think that someone would actually need that much space on their phone, but there will always be those who want to pack their mobile gadgets to the brim with videos and apps.

Check out a video of the mysterious new iPhone below: