Galaxy S III loses in iPhone 4 drop test

Samsung’s newest phone may have generated a lot of buzz, but it doesn’t win this latest test.

If you have an iPhone 4 and you’re thinking of making the swap over to Android, then hopefully the ability of your phone to fully survive being dropped multiple times isn’t on your list of needed requirements.

The latest and greatest Android device, Samsung’s Galaxy S III handset, withstands damage nowhere near as well as the iPhone 4, according to SquareTrade.

The electronics warranty fulfillment company pitted the iPhone 4 and Galaxy S III through three tests – the first was dropping it from ear-level.

The second was to rigorously toss each device back and forth. And finally, each phone was left unattended on the top of a speeding car before it fell off.

Yes, believe it or not, there was at least one phone that survived all of those.

That phone was the iPhone 4. At the end of the first test, the Galaxy S III already proved problematic – there was a single crack on the display that went all the way from top to bottom.

The iPhone 4 just had a few scrapes on the sides. After test #2, the iPhone 4’s back was shattered but otherwise survived. The Galaxy S III had pretty much the same result.

And finally, the car test only proved to have minor impact on the iPhone 4 while it absolutely destroyed the Galaxy S III.