Video: Lenovo showcases Windows 8 ThinkPad tablet

I still prefer to work with a traditional PC, even though I do own an Apple iPad.

No, this isn’t due to a lack of iPad horsepower, but rather, I’ve alway enjoyed using a Windows machine for work and gaming. As such, I’m quite intrigued by the plethora of Windows 8 tablets expected to hit the market when the latest iteration of Microsoft’s flagship operating system launches later this year.

On that note, Lenovo recently showed Engadget a behind-the-scenes look at its Windows 8 ThinkPad at Computex 2012. Although showcased in Taiwan, the tablet isn’t likely to hit the market for a while. In fact, Lenovo hasn’t even named the device yet, which is probably somewhat of a bad omen.

However, we do know that he overall design of the tablet looks very much like a member of Lenovo’s ThinkPad family. In fact, it seems like someone may have simply ripped the screen off of a Lenovo notebook and handed it to you.

The tablet boasts a 10.1-inch screen with a resolution of 1366 x 768. It is powered by an unspecified Intel Clover Trail processor, and the battery is expected to last about 10 hours per charge. Additional specs include an eight-megapixel rear camera, two-megapixel front camera, a micro-HDMI output and a docking connector.

The docking connector seems to imply an oncoming rush of inevitable accessories, such as a keyboard offering extra battery life.