MSI showcases Slider S20 Ultrabook hybrid at Computex 2012

Computex 2012 kicks off today in Taiwan, and MSI is showcasing a number of new tablets and notebooks, including the 11.6-inch Slider S20 Ultrabook.

The system looks like a big tablet, at least at at first glance, due to its slick 11.6-inch screen. However, the device is definitely more than a tablet – with a keyboard that slides out from underneath the display. When the keyboard is deployed, the screen sits at an angle for comfortable for typing and other work.

The Slider S20 is powered by Intel’s current generation Intel Chief River CULV processor, runs Windows 8 and features USB 3.0, HDMI out, 4 GB of RAM and Bluetooth 4.0. A second version of the tablet with a low-voltage Ivy Bridge processor may also be on the way according to Engadget, with prices ranging from $996 up to more than $1100, depending on options.

Of course, the S20 can be used without sliding the keyboard out – if you want more of a tablet touch screen experience. However, since the tablet runs Windows 8, we don’t expect to see the Slider S20 Ultrabook hybrid until sometime in the September/October time frame when Microsoft Windows 8 is officially tipped to launch.

In addition to its new Ultrabook/tablet combo, MSI refreshed its notebook lineup at Computex, showcasing the G series gaming laptops, which includes the GT70.

The GT70 boasts MSI Super Raid technology, Audio Boost, a Steelseries gaming keyboard, and Killer Gaming Networking E2200 network card with up to 32GB of memory.