Sharp showcases new IGZO LCD and OLED screens

The mobile device world is evolving rapidly, with displays offering higher resolutions, improved colors and optimized contrast.

Along with increased performance, industry heavyweights like Sharp are also working to reduce power consumption, thereby significantly extending battery life.

Indeed, Sharp has previously talked about new display panels based on  indium gallium zinc oxide or IGZO technology.

The company is currently showcasing prototypes leveraging the above-mentioned technology at the Society for Information Display show in Boston.

The prototypes are targeted at smartphones and tablets – with all boasting high resolutions.

One of the prototype screens is a 4.9-inch unit with a resolution of 720 x 1280. True, that resolution isn’t particularly impressive, but another display measuring 6.1-inches offers 2560 x 1600 – a resolution typically rendered by a 30-inch display.

The company is also prepping an 13.5-inch OLED panel with a staggering resolution of 3840 x 2160 QFHD. This particular panel uses white OLEDs with RGB color filters.

And last, but certainly not least, the flexible Sharp display seen in the photograph above measures 3.4-inches with a resolution of 540 x 960. Flexible displays hold a lot of promise for mobile devices, as they are helping to facilitate the design of new form factors and are capable of bending during drops – rather than cracking like a typical display.