Mitt Romney iPhone app misspells "America"

When it comes to politics these days, being technologically savvy is a must.

Unfortunately for the Mitt Romney campaign, so is spelling the word of the country that the candidate is aiming to represent.

The official iPhone app for Romney supporters gives users a selection of background images they can use for their phone.

One of them is a stark red background with bold white letters promoting “A Better Amercia.” The word “Amercia” appears large and prominent right in the middle of the screen.

It’s highly unlikely Romney will take any serious flack for this, but in a campaign this heated, no mistake can be discounted.

The misspelling is already making its way around Twitter and Instagram and all those typical channels. When contacted by, the Romney campaign simply stated that it was “corrected immediately.”

However, Apple still has to approve the update, so the flaw is still out there for everyone to see.

Mobile technology has been an especially important – and new – part of this presidential campaign. Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube were all instrumental in the 2008 election, but mobile apps are a big part of 2012.

The most crucial thing for candidates is the ease of micro-donations through mobile apps, making it easy for users to donate a couple bucks to the campaign.

Obama also has an official iPhone app. He spells America correctly.