Next iPhone may feature a larger display

Apple rumors never die, they just multiply. The latest?

Well, according to the Wall Street Journal, Cupertino has ordered 4-inch iPhone displays from Asian suppliers. Current iPhone screens measure 3.5 inches.

The tip apparently originates from people “claiming to be familiar with the situation.”

It is probably also worth noting that additional rumors indicate Apple is seriously considering the possibility of launching an iPad Mini.

Such a device could be priced as low as $200, which would allow the iOS device to more precisely target Amazon’s $199 Kindle Fire tablet. 

Naturally, Cupertino has yet to comment on either of the above-mentioned reports.

It seems somewhat logical to assume that Apple may very well be eyeing an iPhone with a larger display to meet increasing competition from higher-end Android handsets that feature screens measuring four inches or larger.

Then again, since Apple currently fields the most popular smartphone on the market, it doesn’t necessarily need to alter the screen size, even if many consumers are clamoring for a larger display.

Interestingly enough, tablet users may also want a smaller screen iPad that is similar to Amazon’s Kindle, at least in terms of size.

Although it remains unclear if Apple is willing to alter the iPhone screen size, analysts believe such a move would not indicate Cupertino was forced to change its product lineup to better take on the competition.

“[True], the smartphone market has become diverse, but the iPhone still sets the agenda,” Mizuho Investors Securities analyst Nobuo Kurahashi told the Wall Street Journal.

“If Apple ever released a lower-priced iPhone, that would be more of a sign that the changing market environment is beginning to affect the company.”