CloudOn brings virtual Microsoft Office to Android

There’s an easier way to edit your important documents on your Android tablet.

And it’s coming from a platform that has already proven itself by carving out its own specialized niche in the cloud community.

Nascent cloud platform CloudOn is bringing the same Microsoft Office functionality that it offered to the iPad version of its app last month, to Android tablets.

CloudOn gives users a ‘virtualization’ of Office, allowing them to easily go in and access or modify Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files. It also has support for viewing PDF files as well as picture files. It is basically a lite cloud-based operating system that gives users access to their most important documents anywhere.

Other services, like Dropbox, are great for letting users store files so that if you don’t have to worry about having a Word document on your home PC and then forget to save it to a Flash drive or email it to yourself so you’ll have it at work.

The idea is to have your stuff stored in the cloud so you can access it from anywhere. But even with Dropbox, once you log in and access that Word file, you still need to have Office or some sort of applicable software to be able to open it.

That is where CloudOn comes in. With Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, and image file support, it’s pretty much anything you would need in a business setting. In fact, it doesn’t even consider itself a Dropbox competitor.

It integrates directly with Dropbox, and as part of the new Android update, it also now has Google Drive integration. It’s a smart move because it can live on as a complement, not a substitute, to cloud storage services.