Kindle Fire: the runaway Android tablet success

It’s possible that as many as half of the Android tablets that people are using today are Kindle Fires.

In fact, it might even be possible that the number is greater than half. According to online tracking firm Comscore, 54% of all Android tablet traffic on the Web is coming from the Kindle Fire.

Now, of course it is definitely possible that there are many Android tablet owners who don’t use their device for Web browsing. Those numbers won’t capture people who only download apps or play music or watch videos.

But no matter how you slice it, it’s a pretty crazy statistic. Right now the answer to Amazon’s tablet has pretty much been that the Kindle Fire is a good base-level, inexpensive way to get into the tablet world, but if you want something with more power, the other manufacturers want you to head to their side.

But it appears that the only manufacturer that those consumers are choosing en masse is Apple. In other words, if you want a super-powered tablet, you’ll get an iPad. Otherwise, you’ll get a Kindle Fire.

Moving down the list, Samsung was second on Comscore’s list, with its Android tablets taking a combined 15% of all Android tablet Web activity. That includes all the variations of the Galaxy Tab, compared to just one Kindle Fire.

It is believed, however, that Amazon is very interested in expanding that product line. Reports have surfaced that a 10-inch Kindle Fire may be in the works, which could potentially be a true competitor to the iPad.