iPavement makes the road a web hotspot

Personally, I think wiring cities for widespread Internet access is a very good idea indeed.

The problem? Installation of municipal Wi-Fi systems is often expensive, as such networks typically involve Wi-Fi access points placed on utility poles.

However, a company called iPavement has come up with a new of making your city a hotspot using existing roads.

Essentially, iPavment’s tiles are small squares with integrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth access. They are installed in the roadway and allow pedestrians to connect to the Internet and more.

The hardware inside the tiles runs an operating system known as VIACITIES OS.

The OS is capable of offering users access to features like city maps, public transportation routes, leisure activities, virtual libraries, tourist info and more. Really, anything that can be placed on the web is accessible.

The operating system also enables access to integrated apps for smartphones, including Via-Book, which is like a virtual library, Via-Maps, Via-Sound, Via-Coupons, MS-Alert and MS-Blue.

The Spain-based iPavement will begin construction of the new tiles in June 2012, so European cities – or at least city centers – will likely be the first to benefit from this new technology.