Logitech outs ultrathin keyboard cover for new iPad/iPad 2

The iPad is certainly a very capable tablet and with the right apps, you may not need to carry around a heavier notebook.

The catch? For many, the on-screen touch keyboard leaves a lot to be desired. Yes, there are a number of external Bluetooth keyboards available for Apple’s new iPad, but most of them are somewhat bulky.

Logitech recently debuted a new Ultrathin Keyboard Cover that may be the perfect accessory to both protect the screen of your iPad and provide comfortable typing. As expected, the new keyboard cover works with the latest iPad as well as the iPad 2.

The cover is made from aluminum and adds little weight. The keyboard itself pairs to the tablet via Bluetooth and boasts an integrated stand to prop the screen of your iPad at a comfortable level.

“The third-generation iPad and its apps are designed to give you more control and creativity, whether you are editing photos and movies, making music or writing a novel,” explained Logitech rep Alexis Richard. “The new Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover – with its ultra-sleek, smart design and extended keyboard battery life – provides a convenient way for you to make the most of your iPad no matter what activity you are using it for.”

The keyboard cover can be quickly added and removed thanks to a magnetic clip. It also features an instant on/off option. The new Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover is slated to ship in the US and Europe this month for $99.99.