Amazon in-app payment platform matures

Confirming earlier reports, Amazon is entering the market of in-app payments.

Want to download some new levels in that fun Android game you just played? Or, would you like to sign up for a subscription to a mobile version of a newspaper? Either way, you will have a new way to pay for this kind of mobile content.

The new system will allow developers to accept payments through its online portal instead of going through Google’s official channel on Android.

For Amazon, the technical implementation isn’t that difficult. The company already has a third-party online payment system that allows owners of online stores to use Amazon’s user authentication and payment processing platform to pay for purchases.

That system will simply be modified for smartphone and tablet customers. Confirming facts that were first included in a Bloomberg report earlier this month, Amazon will charge a 30% commission to developers that use its in-app payment platform.

That’s the exact same commission as it charges developers that host apps on the Amazon Appstore, a platform that in some instances has actually been more successful than the official Android Market or Google Play store.

In-app purchases are an increasingly important part of the mobile marketplace. A growing numbers of apps are free to download but then get users hooked and so involved in the app that they start buying individual pieces of content that end up amounting to more money than if the developer had just charged a small flat rate for the entire app up front.

Amazon is of course becoming a major player in the Android environment. Its Android-powered Kindle Fire the fastest-selling tablet of its kind.