Powerful iPad battery can withstand LTE for 24 hours

Here is one of the most impressive stats about the new iPad.

It can apparently carry a persistent 4G LTE network connection for a full uninterrupted 24 hours.

The battery gets overlooked sometimes, but it is one of the biggest changes to the new version of Apple’s successful tablet product line.

The new iPad, which is officially just being referred to as the “iPad” even though many still call it the iPad 3, boasts an amazing new display along with 4G LTE connectivity.

And the increased battery size makes recharging less of a hassle than it was before. That has led to some overheating issues, but Apple assures that the device is still well within its “thermal specifications.”

Aside from those differences, though, there isn’t a whole lot of change from the iPad 2. Many are disappointed that this is merely an incremental upgrade, in much the same way that the iPhone 3GS was just a minor update to the iPhone 3G and the iPhone 4S didn’t really differ much from the iPhone 4.

It is for that reason that Apple likely doesn’t even want to call the new device the iPad 3. The company is under pressure to release product updates every year, when in reality it takes multiple years to actually advance the technology significantly.

So, the new iPad will sell like gangbusters just because it’s from Apple and it can be described as being “new.” But expect the next iteration of the tablet to be the one that is actually new and interesting.