Study shows how people interact with Siri

An incredibly 87% of people with an iPhone 4S say they use the personal voice-controlled assistant Siri.

In a survey from consulting firm Parks Associates, it was revealed that Siri is certainly doing her job quite well. With nearly 90% of users saying they access Siri at least once a month, and around one-third of users saying they tap into Siri on a daily basis, it’s one of the most commonly used features of the device.

However, as is to be expected, the majority of users haven’t managed to unlock Siri’s full potential.

According to the study, the most common use of Siri was to make phone calls or send text messages, simple voice commands that non-iPhone 4S owners can do with the right app.

30% said they have used Siri to create an e-mail, 32% said they use it to play music, and 35% have scheduled meetings through Siri.

Siri has become such an important part of the iPhone landscape that it is widely believed Apple will be expanding the technology to a new range of consumer electronics.

Among the most commonly believed rumors is that Apple will be launching its own branded TV set at the end of the year, and instead of needing to change channels or schedule recordings with a standard remote control, users will simply be able to speak their requests in normal human speech to the TV.

A special version of Siri, optimized for TV commands, will help users with their requests. So instead of fumbling around for the remote, users will be able to say, “Turn up the volume” or “What movies are on at 8 PM tonight?”

As for its presence on the iPhone, even though it has some admitted problems, 55% of users said they were satisfied with Siri. Only 9% said they were dissatisfied, with everyone else being ambivalent at this point.