T-Mobile to cut 1900 employees

The workforce of lagging mobile carrier T-Mobile is about to be slashed by around 5%.

The company currently has around 36,000 employees but announced this week that 1900 of them will be let go.

Amid the lost jobs will be those at call centers around the country. T-Mobile is closing seven of those call centers – in Allentown, Pennsylvania; Fort Lauderdale, Florida; Frisco, Texas; Brownsville, Texas; Lenexa, Kansas; Thornton, Colorado; and Redmond, Oregon.

The company will be creating new jobs at its existing call centers, with the goal being to cut down on overhead. 3300 jobs will be lost from the closing call centers, but 1400 more will be established at the remaining locations.

T-Mobile is of course under a lot of stress after AT&T decided to stop pursuing an acquisition of the company when mounting pressure was being thrust upon it from US regulatory entities.

As part of the contract that both companies signed, AT&T is obligated to hand over a sizable amount of money to T-Mobile for essentially wasting its time and energy.

Specifically, T-Mobile is pocketing $3 billion in cash from AT&T as well as $1 billion in mobile spectrum. It’s a sad case for AT&T, although that carrier has been picking up new deals with other partners so it’s standing tall.

For T-Mobile, that money can only go so far. During the several months where AT&T was trying to secure regulatory approval, T-Mobile was not doing much to strengthen its own brand. It really had no reason to.

As a result, T-Mobile is now the only major carrier without a 4G LTE network, and it is the only one that does not offer service for any iPhone or iPad model.