New Tivo has a half-terabyte capacity

Tivo, the DVR company that refuses to die, is apparently unleashing another model.

 Pre-orders are showing up for a new version of the company’s recording device, listed as model number TCD746500 under the Tivo Premiere brand, with an apparent 500 GB hard drive.

Tivo, which skyrocketed to such popularity that it became just as normal-sounding a verb as “Google,” crashed just as hard as it soared.

After cable company DVRs really took off, there hasn’t been much need for Tivo. That is, with the exception of customers who want more than their cable DVR can offer.

As such, it has become much more of a luxury item than ever before. The latest installments in Tivo hardware prove that. There is actually one model that offers two terabytes of storage.

The problem, of course, with cable company DVRs is that they have incredibly limited storage capacity, and users do not own the hardware.

So if you are planning on moving and have a Time Warner Cable DVR, you’ll lose all your content. If you have a Tivo, though, it’s all yours no matter where you move – you can still access your recorded content even if you decide to end your cable access altogether.

Tivo also continues to expand to other sectors of consumer electronics. For example, it has partnered up with Best Buy to offer a Tivo-like interface for the retailer’s Insignia branded Internet-connected TVs.

While the TVs won’t have DVR access, they will have the familiar Tivo menu interface for navigating Web content like Netflix and Amazon Video On Demand.