Meet the most powerful Scooba yet

The Scooba 390 has just been introduced by iRobot.

The newest innovation of hardwood floor scrubbing and cleaning boasts a 30% longer battery life than its strongest predecessor.

In addition, changes have been made to the algorithms that determine how to move around the floor, what areas to clean the hardest, and how to detect if there is still more floor to clean.

Maintenance of the device has also been designed to be more user-friendly, making the latch easier to open and color-coding the internal parts fo users know which piece is which. The robot is capable of cleaning up to 850 square feet per battery charge.

The leader in practical consumer robotic devices, iRobot has been in business for more than a decade. It has a strong presence in the development and application of military robots and is a leader in industry research and development.

But it’s best known for the Roomba vacuuming robot. Its other robots for the home, including the Looj cutter cleaner and the Verro pool cleaner, have failed to gain nearly the same amount of attention. The Scooba has regrettably sort of fit into that same category.

Both the Roomba and the Scooba continue to be tweaked and updated, to the point where iRobot devices are now available for consumers with any budget, with older, discontinued models available at impulse-buy prices.

The new models, meanwhile, launch at more barrier-worthy prices. The Scooba 390 has a retail price of around $500.