Google pushing Google Wallet on Android devs

Google is apparently putting the pressure on Android app developers to use Google Wallet for in-app purchases.

The search giant has sent e-mails to developers who use other third-party transaction services. According to Google, it is part of the Android developer terms of service that they must use Google Wallet exclusively.

Google Wallet initially launched as the platform for Google’s mobile NFC payment technology. After that got off the ground, the company decided to merge its Google Checkout platform into the Google Wallet product.

Apparently the push to use the service for all app transactions is getting more fervent now that Google has just launched the new Google Play infrastructure.

When Google finds out that a developer is using some other sort of transaction processor, like Paypal, it sends an e-mail to the developers and warns that they have 30 days to switch to Google Wallet. Otherwise, their app will be suspended.

While it obviously makes business sense for Google to get a cut of all Android app transactions, some developers and onlookers feel like it’s antithetical to Google’s renowned open standard.

One of the reasons that some developers code for Android and not for the iPhone is because Apple has too many rules and regulations, while Google tries to make the process as developer-friendly as possible.

The cut that Google receives from a Google Wallet purchase is an astounding 30%. That’s far higher than almost any other third-party system, but it is on par with what Apple charges for purchases made through iTunes.