The iPad 3 might be called ‘iPad HD’

What we’ve come to know as the iPad 3 might not actually be called the iPad 3.

In a similar vein to what Apple did last fall with the iPhone 4S (instead of the iPhone 5), Apple may be saving the coveted new number for the next iteration of the iPad.

This tidbit comes from Cnet, which claims to have heard from an unnamed Apple developer who was able to confirm the new iPad name.

In addition, there have been third-party accessory manufacturers that refer to new iPad products as being built for the iPad HD, not the iPad 3.

It would make sense, because the major update that’s expected to come with the new iPad is the display.

Of course there’s been nothing official announced, but it’s widely known that the iPad 3’s high-resolution display will be one of the key talking points during tomorrow’s unveiling.

High-resolution probably doesn’t even convey the grandeur that the new tablet will offer. It’s more like a super-resolution monitor, using technology known as a Retina Display. The result is a 2048×1536 screen that will blow the iPad 2’s already impressive graphical quality out of the water.

The question that is perhaps as much discussed as what the iPad 3 will offer is how the presentation will go. This is the first time a new iPad will be unveiled since Steve Jobs passed away, and spectators expect it to be a much more low-key affair. The sense of excitement and enthusiasm just isn’t there anymore, and it would be tough for new CEO Tim Cook to try to replicate that.

All questions will be answered tomorrow.